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Welcome to our Travel Services Ski Car Rentals section, with links to companies providing car rentals at Geneva, Chambery, Grenoble and Lyon Airports.

Ski Hire Car Rentals Advice

In the majority of cases, your car rentals package will include Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Waiver(TW), which will insure you against the costs of the vehicle being damaged or stolen, beyond a stated excess. It is well worth checking what this Excess amount is though, as for some car hire companies, it is a significant amount - more like £250 than the £50 you expect with your normal car insurance at home. When you pick up your car at the airport, you will generally be given the opportunity to 'top-up' your insurance to cover the Excess as well, although this further adds to the cost of your car rental for the week, so that 'cheap car hire deal' that you got, doesn't seem quite so cheap any more!

For this reason, if you're likely to rent a hire car for 2 weeks or more during the year, we recommend the Annual Excess Car Hire Insurance product from Insurance4CarHire We've used this product ourselves for several years, and have been glad that we did, as we've had 2 occasions when our hire car has been damaged, through no fault of our own, when without the Excess Insurance we'd have had to cough up twice for an excess.


One final tip - if you are booking your car hire direct with the rental company, possibly via the Low Cost Airline that you are flying with, it's possibly worth considering avoiding the airline's recommended 'partner' rentals company, simply because a lot of people arriving with you on your flight will have booked through them, so often they will have a massive queue, while other rental desks alongside will be deserted!

As regular users of car hire companies for ski trips, we've found that your can invariably get cheaper car hire through car hire agencies / brokers such as Auto-Europe (Swiss and French side) Holiday Autos Car Hire (French side) than you can by going direct to the car hire company themselves.

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